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Making magic and lightening burdens one dream at a time

This all started with a dream by a mom who wanted to give a dream to a mom. 

January 2014 –  Misty started dreaming about an organization that would give families a vacation they can only dream of.


October 2014– A childhood friend contacted Misty and told her about Monica. 


January 2015 – formation of the Board and paperwork for 501c3 began.


August 2015  - We presented Monica, our first Dream recipient with her dream vacation to Walt Disney World!

August 2015- IRS approved our 501c3 application and Dream Builders became an official Non-for-Profit.

November 2015- Edmonds Family (our first dream family) takes their memory making vacation.

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The most asked question since starting this journey has been....Why? My answer is always the same..
I am a mom and if I found out today that I had a terminal illness, everything from that point on would be about building memories for my children. Quality time. Memories are the greatest gift I could ever give them.
My goal is for Dream Builders to be a way of helping to lighten each others burden. A way for mom's and dad's, friends and family and even strangers to say, "while we cannot help carry the burden of the illness for you. And we cannot help carry the burden of the treatments.  We CAN help carry the burden of leaving your children with some amazing memories!"
The world is a large place..but as we all become more electronically connected it is getting smaller. And while some may look on that as a bad thing, I believe it is a way to come together as a community. To carry each others burdens. It is why at Dream Builders I encourage writing a note with your donation. It's why we present the family dream's in person.  We are a community. We will help each other, where we can.
Are you a dreamer? If so, join us.  Whether through donation, prayer, or sharing our mission with others. As a community we CAN carry each others burden. One dream at a time.


Misty Griffin